Cisco AnyConnect (VPN) on Chromebook

The following instructions will walk you through installing, and using, Wake Forest’s VPN client, Cisco AnyConnect on devices using Chrome OS.

  • Go the following Chrome Web Store site:
  • Click ADD TO CHROME.
  • Click  Add app.
  • Open AnyConnect from the app list presented.
  • Once AnyConnect opens, click Add New Connection.

Chromebook Cisco AnyConnect 1

  • Fill in the open fields and click Save Changes.
    • Name:  WFU VPN
    • Server Address:

Chromebook Cisco AnyConnect 2

  • You can now close out of the AnyConnect app.
  • To connect to VPN, click the wireless icon in the lower-right corner and click VPN disconnected.

Chromebook Cisco AnyConnect 3

  • Click WFU VPN (user).

Chromebook Cisco AnyConnect 4

  • When prompted, enter your WFU username and password. Click Submit.

Chromebook Cisco AnyConnect 5

  • To verify you are connected, click the wireless icon once again. You should now see “Connected to WFU VPN (user).”

Chromebook Cisco AnyConnect 6

  • To disconnect VPN, click Connected to WFU VPN (user) and click Disconnect.

Chromebook Cisco AnyConnect 7




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Last modified: August 7, 2017