Background processing a report

How do you run a report without waiting for it to complete?

Two methods:

On the fly

When executing a report, you will see the following dialog box. Click “Select a delivery method”.


The following dialog box will appear.  Click “Email Report…”


Make sure that “Attach the report” is checked. You can address the email to any person you choose.


Click OK.  Report will be emailed to you as an attachment to the email when the report finishes.


Running a report in the background

Click the triangle to the right of the report you want to run in the background.


Click “Send me the report by email” – FIRST. Then click “advanced options.”

Then click Run.


Choose which time you want to run in the background. Then click “Send the report by email.” Click Run. If your report has prompts, you will get the report prompt page. Fill out the prompt page and click ok.


Click OK and the report will execute as you have instructed it. You can log off and do other work.


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Last modified: June 8, 2017