IT Executive Committee (ITEC)

Reports to: Provost, Executive Vice President, and CIO


The Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC) guides and advises senior-level IT decision-making at the University.  In collaboration with the CIO, the ITEC recommends IT priorities, policies and strategies to the Provost and Executive Vice President (EVP).

The chair and membership of ITEC are appointed by the Provost and Executive Vice President. The University CIO and IS planning staff supports the Chair in the development of meeting agendas, analyses to frame committee discussions and decisions, and communication to the Provost and EVP.  Membership of the ITEC will likely include representatives from the College and Schools, major academic support units, and leaders from administrative support divisions.  The chairs of the IT Partners’ Council (ITPC) and the Committee on Information Technology (CIT) will serve as standing members of the ITEC. The EVP, Provost and CIO will be ex-officio members of the ITEC and will attend its meetings to obtain direct input on decisions.

The specific charge of the ITEC is:

  • Monitor and modify the IT strategic plan.
  • With CIT and ITPC, solicit and prioritize project proposals through an annual planning cycle for new innovations or uses of educational, research, or administrative technology (annually).
  • Recommend new project proposals or revisions to existing priorities outside of the annual planning cycle (as-needed).
  • Monitor the execution of strategic initiatives and recommend necessary changes to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Evaluate, recommend and support implementation of significant changes to IT policies, structures and processes including significant changes to service levels and substantial changes in responsibilities of IT units.
  • Work in conjunction with IS to sustain the required capacity, reliability, security and recoverability of the University’s technology infrastructure.
  • With CIT and ITPC, approve the formation, charters and membership of initiative teams and communities of interest.

Decision Rights

While primarily an advisory committee to the EVP and Provost, the decision rights of the  ITEC include:

  • Approving the recommendation of significant new IT strategies or projects to the Provost and EVP;
  • Approving IT policies and standards prior to their review by the Provost and EVP;
  • Prioritizing the use of any resources delegated to the Committee by the Provost and EVP; and
  • Approving the structure and formation of IT governance committees.

ITEC will meet monthly with the option to call special meetings on an as-needed basis. Minutes will be recorded to reflect discussions, decisions and action items.  ITEC, CIT, ITPC, initiative teams and communities of interest will operate with transparency to promote dialogue and build understanding of IT strategies and decisions.