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Driving engagement and interactivity through cloud based teaching and learning resources

The implementation of Canvas and, now, Kaltura gives campus new tools to enable virtual teaching and learning whenever, wherever. 

With Kaltura, faculty can easily create, edit, and incorporate videos into their classes. Kaltura integrates nicely with Canvas and offers screen capture, lecture capture, in-video quizzing, and interactive video options so students can interact with learning material in new ways. 

Information Systems and the Instructional Technology Group are hosting a series of training workshops. Join the Kaltura Support team in these virtual sessions to learn about:

  • Getting started with Kaltura
  • Using Kaltura with Canvas
  • Creating playlists and channels
  • Recording a lecture and slides
  • Using Interactive Video and In-Video Quizzing
  • and more!

Check out how popular these tools were during the Fall 2020 semester! 

Infographic presenting statistics on Canvas and Kaltura usage including courses published, faculty members teaching, students enrolled, and assignments given.

“I appreciate the WFU “branding” feature of Kaltura — its seems like a small thing — but having the color scheme and the little WFU logo in the corner gives even my very low-tech videos the feel of something more professional and exclusive, something that differentiates the asynchronous lessons in my course from any old YouTube video and makes them look a bit more distinctly Wake Forest.”

John Welsh

Assistant Teaching Professor
Wake Forest University
Department of Spanish and Italian
Italian Professor