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STAR 2.5 RNA-seq Aligner is now available in the DEAC cluster! Read more about it here:

STAR 2.5

Any Wake Forest University faculty, staff, or student may request an account on the WFU DEAC Cluster within the guidelines of the cluster User Account Policy



The following information is required for all account creation requests:

  • Name:
  • Primary email address (preferably WFU):
  • WFU phone (must provide):
  • Mobile phone (SMS):
  • Advisor (if you’re a student):
  • Preferred linux shell:
  • Department:
  • Job title (e.g. student, faculty, staff, … ):
  • Group (ask your advisor):
  • Why you need access to the cluster:

If you have set a default email on your device, click here:


This information can also be emailed to the WFU DEAC Cluster support team by email to deac-help AT The subject should be “ACCOUNT REQUEST”.

Please note: if you are not a faculty member, your account request will need to be approved by a faculty sponsor (please refer to the User Account Policy). You may speed up the account creation process by having your faculty sponsor send an email to the support team (deac-help AT indicating your request is supported.