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STAR 2.5 RNA-seq Aligner is now available in the DEAC cluster! Read more about it here:

STAR 2.5

DEAC Cluster Services

Software: Several licensed software packages have been acquired and/or maintained by the WFU DEAC Cluster facility for the benefit of research computing. The facility also makes available some research computing focused software that is licensed for the entire Wake Forest University community as well.

In addition to software provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the list of licensed software includes:

Users of the cluster are encouraged to visit the Support Wiki for more details of versions and usage.

Code Repositories: The WFU DEAC Cluster currently provides guidance on configuring connection to cloud-based source code repository service, accessibly over HTTP/SSL. Users developing software as part of their research are strongly encouraged to learn and embrace standard source code management practices. The skill set is not only useful outside of academia but aids greatly in systematically tracking all changes made to software when scrutinizing your results.

Classroom Visitations: The HPC team has much experience presenting to undergraduate classes, explaining what High Performance Computing is in a way that is fun and engaging. If Faculty members would like the HPC team to come visit a class, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Training: The HPC team has made a wide range of video material, Wiki documentation, and slide presentations available for users to utilize for training. Furthermore, the HPC team is available for one on one training and meetings to troubleshoot job submissions, script writing, command line interaction, or simply answer your questions.