Wake Forest University

Cybersecurity Month 2021

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a nationwide campaign and an opportunity to increase the focus on understanding Internet security and to raise awareness of the resources available to stay safe online.

2021’s theme is ‘Don’t be the fish for phishers!’ Our hope is that throughout the month of October, you will be challenged and intrigued by the resources we share to learn more about phishing dangers, security risks, mysterious links, as well as the tools available to empower you in protecting yourself and your data. We’ve created phish.wfu.edu to share examples and raise your awareness of real phishing schemes and scams!

Record each time you participate in a cybersecurity activity for a chance to win a prize!

Join us throughout the month as we share ways to avoid being caught by phishers!

Follow us on Twitter (WFUIS) and Instagram (WFUIS_official) and check in frequently for all the latest info.

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Students! One of the most important security steps you can take is to visit software@WFU to download Sophos anti-virus software for your laptop now!