Wake Forest University

Continuing campus engagement in new and interactive ways

The Wake Forest makerspace, WakerSpace, continues to engage campus in new and interactive ways. New tech is always an exciting addition at the WakerSpace and the new ShopBot is no exception!  ShopBot is a computer numerical control router that can be programmed to cut wood, acrylic, and other materials, lending itself to another great option to create signs, plaques, and more at the WakerSpace. Our ShopBot CNC Router will make its debut in Spring 2022!

The challenges associated with the pandemic continue to highlight opportunities for new and creative ways to utilize the space, both academically and creatively. Take&Make Challenges and VirtShops (Virtual Workshops) continue to be a popular creative outlet for our campus community and will be an option this semester as well as many in-person workshops. 

Several academic classes will host in-person classes in the WakerSpace this spring, utilizing a variety of resources available in the space. 

  • 2 Russian classes – podcasting
  • 1 Computer Science class – soldering, Phidget electronics
  • 3 First Year Seminar – game creation
  • 1 Music class (109 – Music of World Cultures) – making thumb pianos and rattle gourds
  • Many other classes will feature assignments that utilize WakerSpace equipment but will not meet in WakerSpace

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