Wake Forest University

What is going on at the WakerSpace?

The Wakerspace teamed up with Dr. Luthy of WFU Engineering to 3D print mask clipsdonating over 1700 mask clips to Baptist Hospital and 100 to WFU Student Health Services. The clips relieve pressure off of provider’s ears from wearing masks all day!

Although you cannot go to the WakerSpace, let the WakerSpace come to you! Register for some of the below classes on the PDC.

  • Learn basic video editing with Adobe Premier Rush VirtShop
  • Make your own Zoom background with the Adobe Illustrator VirtShop
  • Check out the Audacity VirtShop
  • Craft a presentation with the Adobe Spark VirtShop
  • Learn the basics of 3D printing in the 3D Printing VirtShop

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