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About the LMS Evaluation

The faculty Committee on Information Technology (CIT), Information Systems, and the Teaching and Learning Collaborative are working together to review the LMS landscape in higher education and how well our current LMS (Sakai) is meeting our needs.

The process involves more than a mere technical evaluation or tools comparison. Other considerations include faculty needs, cost, infrastructure, and value delivered or added. This investigation does not reflect any dissatisfaction with Sakai, nor should it be considered a sign that Wake Forest intends to stop using, supporting, or expanding the platform. Rather, it is standard business practice to periodically review vendor partnerships, to consider other options or opportunities, or to reinvest in our existing system.

This website is intended to keep the Wake Forest University campus community up to date with the evaluation process, provide a better understanding of how and why decisions are being made and promote participation from all interested stakeholders. The links above provide more detail on each phase of the evaluation and the slideshow below explains the overall process.

Hannah Inzko (IS)

Emily Austin (Div. 1)

Molly Knight/Heiko Wiggers (Div. 2)

Jacqui Carrasco (Div. 3)

Brian Calhoun (Div. 4)

Jim Curran (Div. 5)

Olga Pierrakos (College)

William Turkett (Graduate School)

John Senior (Divinity)

Ellen Murphy (Law)

Sally Irvin (Law)

John Owen (Business)

Steven Wicker (ITG)

Derrick Boone (Business)

Kyle Denlinger (ZSR)

Betsy Barre (TLC)

Bob Nations (Online Education)

Nate Ivers (Online Education)

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