Wake Forest University

Congratulations to the 2021 TCART Grant Recipients

The 2021 T-CART Grant cycle recently concluded with three faculty members receiving awards. T-CART includes two grants: the Summer Technology Exploration Program (STEP) grants, which allow faculty to purchase new technology, and the WakerSpace Faculty Fellow grants, which are awarded to Faculty to explore technology that exists in the WakerSpace. Both grants provide funding for faculty summer projects to explore creative ways of enhancing teaching and scholarly work. 

Congratulations to the five recipients, read more about their projects below!

This year, one faculty member received the WakerSpace Faculty Fellow Grant.

Dr. Qiaona Yu is an Assistant Professor of Chinese who has taught at Wake Forest since 2016. Dr. Yu will use her WakerSpace grant to incorporate the makerspace experience into foreign language learning. Mandarin is one of the most challenging languages for English-speaking learners and Chinese characters have been a major challenge. Dr. Yu plans to integrate 3D printing technology to not only incorporate haptic cues that complement and interact with visual information in students’ radical awareness development, but also add exciting possibilities for new classroom instructional design. Her 3D character project aims to help students improve recognition of form and meaning for radicals, characters, and the interactions thereof.

Additionally, two faculty members received the Summer Technology Exploration Program (STEP) Grant.

Brian Calhoun is an Associate Professor of the Practice in the Department of Education. He will use his STEP grant to acquire a DSLR camera which will then be incorporated into his classes. The DSLR camera will assist college to career students in developing and creating digital portfolios for career and academic opportunities.

Dr. Teresa Sanhueza is an Associate Professor of Romance Languages in the Department of Spanish and Italian. Dr. Sanhueza will use the STEP Grant to develop a digital space for sharing and archiving the stories of Italian immigrants. This public digital space will allow researchers and the public a space to share their knowledge while also exploring the stories of immigrants via original texts, documents, and images. The site will be written in both English and Spanish with some elements available in Italian.