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What’s News? is an Academic Technology blog that focuses on all things, you guessed it, Academic Technology, whether that be the latest and greatest innovative software, hardware, or storytelling tools, people who are doing amazing work in the field, videos and films of interest, all things creative, techie, and innovative that we feel is inspiring to the work we do with students in the curriculum.

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WakerSpace Logo

The Wake Forest makerspace, WakerSpace

The Wake Forest makerspace, WakerSpace, opened in November 2018 and has been abuzz with activity ever since! This space is a great addition to the multimodal and digital culture at Wake Forest.



Update: The WakerSpace is now open! Visit the WakerSpace page for more information.

The WakerSpace originally began as a temporary home for student health located in Lot Q.


The Cultural Artifact & The Digital Story

In Professor Hines course, she asks students to produce a 3-5 minute digital story that is based on your interpretation of an artifact that captures some component of identity and personal history as it relates to themes of the course such as race, ethnicity, religion, freedom, independence, migration, and more.

library artifacts

Artifacts, Narratives, and The Creative Spirit

The New York Public Library has some interesting collections to say the least. I caught this video and it struck me on two levels. One, I just really like the filming of the collections. It reminds me very much of how Wes Anderson places artifacts carefully and craftfully on surfaces when filming or of these posters reminiscent of Anderson’s stylistic approach, created by Jordan Bolton.

Brianna at the Art Wall

Adobe Max Creative Conference 2018

Process is KEY and Perfection is NOT! I’ve been teaching in higher ED for some time and have been a producer of multimodal content for even longer. I’ve always been very ambitious with my students, expecting a very high-level end result. I never thought the process wasn’t important, of course it is but really that glossy polish and professional finish was what really matters. Right?