Faculty Success Stories

Faculty Success Stories is an opportunity for faculty to discuss the benefits of incorporating multi-modal storytelling and storytelling tools into their curriculum. The result is a highlight of the implementation. Success Stories includes the project description, learning goals, and outcomes. These Stories are an opportunity for those faculty who wish to learn more about digital storytelling in the classroom to connect with this site and learn more.

People’s Temple Digital Essay

Designing and utilizing a digital essay assignment fostered student engagement with primary sources and their interpretation.

Liquid Landscapes: Design, Networks, and Stories

“I really loved how easy it was for students to learn the Adobe Spark software. Within a half-hour, they were up and running. Instead of getting up to speed being felt as a burden, students were freed to think creatively.”
– David Phillips


Role playing in the classroom

“Part of it is the methodology of the class; the living learning aspect. Students who are partaking in this project all live in the dorm. This dorm becomes a hot house for debate after class. There is something about the closeness and intensity of this learning environment that makes it so successful.”

-T.H.M. Gellar-Goud

Photo of Ivan Weiss

Journalism through Multimedia Storytelling

“Academic Technology was really integral as I thought about this course and teaching this course to students. It gave me the idea to use Adobe Spark in order for students to build websites and it got me to think deeper about how to teach students web design in a way that limits the amount of technological know how needed.”

– Ivan Weiss