Limited Video Recording Service for Reynolda Campus

This limited service provides College faculty with video recordings for face-to-face classes in unique circumstances. It is intended to capture in-class events that convey specific concepts that are most effectively taught through visual and audio means. Examples of the intended use of this service might include:
  • A science experiment where the visual and audio nature of the event is the best way to convey all aspects (chemical reaction, biology dissection, etc.)
  • A rare event/occurrence that is vital for student learning and best conveyed through a visual and audio method.

This service is NOT intended to record standard classroom lectures, act as “simulcasting,” or serve in all instances of student absences.

Request This Service

Complete the AskDeac Common Request form. A member of the support team will contact you with availability and to discuss further details. Our team will take care of everything!

How It Works

  • Staff member arrives at the classroom and sets up prior to the class event.
  • Recording is started and the staff member leaves the classroom for duration, remaining nearby for troubleshooting but not in the room.
  • At the end of the event recording, the staff member returns to the room, disassembles the equipment, and reminds the faculty member that they will receive a follow-up email within 3-4 business days.
  • A staff member (service person or admin support) checks the video and trims for clean start and stop.
    • Video is processed for auto transcription in Kaltura for delivery to the faculty member for their reference and opt-in to correct and have made into a caption file as a starting point. 
    • Academic Technologies will facilitate in getting any corrected transcripts secured to the video clip.
  • A staff member shares the files via Google Drive with the instructor with a followup email and note on optional transcript correction and caption process.