Wake Forest University

A busy summer filled with improvements for an enhanced learning, teaching, and living experience

Summertime for Information Systems’ Infrastructure Team is often the busiest time of the year. While the academic year is focused on operational excellence and responding to support requests, the summer gives us the chance to perform major maintenance, refresh aging and obsolete systems, and ensure readiness for the fall term. Summer 2021 is no exception.

Welcoming a new president to Wake Forest has meant many multi-team projects to update the President’s office suite, conference room, and Hanes House residence. We have also assisted President Hatch with his relocation to office space downtown.

Network and Telecom

  • Update of the 25-year-old fiber optic network which interconnects campus buildings, expanding to new campus locations, addressing recent capacity needs, and positioning the network for future growth.
  • Outdoor wireless enhancements, completing areas around buildings that had been temporarily added  during the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Updates to the Telecom infrastructure stabilizing remote access from computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • On the horizon is the completion of the wireless deployment at Deacon Place, currently delayed due to the worldwide semiconductor shortage.

Video and Classroom Technology

As Zoom and Google Meet become the campus standard for audio and video conferencing, the Multimedia Team has designed a universal experience for conference rooms that does not depend on a particular vendor.

  • The updated technology in the President’s Conference Room is the first major recipient for our platform agnostic approach and we plan to update or retrofit other spaces to ensure equal access whether meeting on Zoom, Meet, or any other platform.
  • Wait Chapel received a major update of its A/V systems, including a new screen and update control systems.