Wake Forest University

2021 Graduates

Congratulations on your status as a graduating student! All 2021 graduates must take care of some very important tasks prior to graduation. This page will guide you through those tasks. If you have questions concerning any of this information, please contact the Service Desk at help@wfu.edu, call 336-758-4357 (HELP), or live chat at is.wfu.edu.

WFU Accounts

If you have any of the following WFU accounts, please take the necessary steps to create personal accounts, migrate your data, or transfer your account.

Sixty days following graduation, your WFU account will be disabled. 

Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud – Migrate your assets to a personal account

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account using your WFU Google account you will need to use the Adobe Student Asset Migration service to take your Creative Cloud (CC) assets, such as CC files, portfolio, Spark, Xd and more, with you into a new account. Adobe is offering new graduates every Adobe creative app for only $29.99, a savings of over 40%. 

Visit graduation.adobe.com for more details and to get started on creating a new Adobe account and migrating your assets!


WFU Google Account – Activate your WFU Alumni Account and transfer your student content

If you would like to transfer your Google GSuite content, you can activate your WFU Alumni Google account through Wake Network, create a personal Google account, or use an existing personal Google account. 

Keep in mind, in some cases, the transfer process can take up to one week, so we encourage you to take these steps before Graduation.

Activate your ALUMNI WFU Google Account through Wake Network

This is a great opportunity for you to maintain a Wake Forest email address after graduation and take advantage of unlimited storage. Your WFU Alumni Gmail account will be an email account with access to Google Drive and all of Gmail’s standard functions. Visit Wake Network to create your account.

Transfer your student WFU Google Account

Transfer your existing @wfu.edu content (messages, files, contacts) to your new Alumni Google account or personal Google account before your @wfu.edu account is deleted. Utilize Google Takeout to easily transfer WFU Gmail and Google Drive data through an automated process. This process will transfer Gmail labels/folders and keeps Google Drive in your current folder structure. This transfer can take up to one week. Refer to these instructions to utilize Google Takeout.

Update your social media, music platforms, applications, and services associated with your WFU Google Account

Update any profile information with your new Google account if you have used your WFU Google Account to set up social media, music platforms, applications, or other services. This is particularly important for services you may have signed up for that require a ‘.edu’ email address to receive education pricing.


Transfer your DropBox data to a personal account

Submit a ticket to Client Services to request a data transfer to a personal Dropbox account, if you’ve used Dropbox for data backup and storage.  Interested in a discounted Pro or Plus Dropbox Account? Email help@wfu.edu indicating you wish to take advantage of this exclusive offer for our graduates. Someone will follow up with you and provide a personalized redemption code. 


Request your Handshake Alumni Account

Retain access to Handshake by requesting an Alumni account with your Alumni Google Account. Continue using Handshake for your job searching, connect with more than 24,000 employers, and view a personalized feed and custom recommendations for you. 

Request Handshake access:

  1. Make sure you have created your WFU Alumni Account 
  2. Complete this form

A WFU staff member will contact you once your account is created and provide you with log-in instructions.

LinkedIn Learning with Lynda.com content

Connect your LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn profile

If you connected your WFU LinkedIn Learning account with your LinkedIn profile, you will still be able to see and transfer your personal history in the future, whether you sign up for a personal account or are offered a LinkedIn Learning account with your future school or employer. Any displayed completions on your profile will remain in place. As long as you connected your account to your LinkedIn profile, you can view your prior history.

LinkedIn Learning offers a free month trial for those interested in creating personal accounts.


Move your OneDrive/Office 365 files to a personal account

Follow these instructions to take your OneDrive files with you when you graduate.


Uninstall WFU Academic Software

Information Systems strongly recommends uninstalling any software that you downloaded from software.wfu.edu during your time as a student. The license will expire deeming the software unusable. The software impacted by licensing agreements includes, but is not limited to, Jump, Maple, Mathematica, MATLAB, Sigma Plot, SPSS, STATA.


WakeSites – Create a Reclaim Hosting Account

You are able to take your domain and hosting with you when you graduate. Reference the Migrate your WakeSites Account to Reclaim Hosting article to get started. Note that an annual hosting fee is required through Reclaim Hosting.


Zoom – Download any Cloud Recordings

Once your WFU account is deleted, you will no longer be able to log into Zoom and access any meetings you have recorded and saved to your cloud account. Before your account is deleted, log into Zoom and download any cloud recorded meetings you wish to save. 

You may sign up for a free Zoom account with your new email to continue connecting with your friends. You can also learn more about Zoom pro accounts and pricing on the Zoom website