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Ready Player 1834

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – A better reality awaits!

WFU Deac wearing VR goggles with Ready Player 1834 written on themNational Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a nationwide campaign and an opportunity to increase the focus on understanding Internet security and to raise awareness of the resources available to stay safe online.

2020’s theme is ‘Ready Player 1834’, our spin on the sci-fi movie Ready Player One. Like ‘the reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical world of mystery, discovery and danger’, our hope is that throughout the month of October, you will be challenged and intrigued by the resources we share to learn more about security risks, mysterious links, phishing dangers, as well as the tools available to empower you in protecting yourself and your data.

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Are you ready?

blue shield with white S Students! One of the most important security steps you can take is to visit software@WFU to download Sophos anti-virus software for your laptop now!

Cybersecurity Speaker Series: Joe Marshall, Cisco Intelligence Group

October 27, 2020
3-4pm, via Webex

Joe Marshall, Cisco

IS is proud to present a cybersecurity lecture featuring Joe Marshall, Cisco Intelligence Group. Join us to learn about the latest cybersecurity threats and how you can protect yourself against them, particularly during a pandemic and an election year.

Joe Marshall presented our lecture last year and is a security researcher for the Outreach Team with Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world.  Joe specializes in industrial control systems, critical infrastructure protection, and IoT device security. Joe has worked with public and private industry around the world to help secure critical ICS and IoT assets from threats both mundane and exotic. Joe resides in Baltimore Maryland, where he can be found knee deep in threat research and helping keep the Internet safe.

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VR googles with binary code and skull icons through the eye lenses‘Accept your reality… or fight for a better one.’ Join us for Cybersecurity Month!